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Bachata Musicality Masterclass by Daniel and Tom

Welcome to the Bachata Musicality Masterclass conducted by the renowned dance instructors, Daniel and Tom. This masterclass focuses on an innovative concept known as the Bachata Groove, which is a unique creation of these two masters.

Understanding the Bachata Groove

The Bachata Groove goes beyond traditional bachata musicality by integrating new rhythm patterns and movement techniques, making the dance more expressive and dynamic. This approach enables dancers to connect more deeply with the music, resulting in a more immersive and emotive dance experience.

What the Masterclass Covers

The masterclass aims to unlock the potential of each dancer by teaching the principles of the Bachata Groove. The sessions are designed to enhance the dancer's musical understanding, rhythm sense, and body movement.

Musical Understanding

In this segment, Daniel and Tom explore the intricate structure of Bachata music, diving into the various layers of rhythm, melody, and harmony. They illustrate how each element contributes to the overall musical landscape, helping dancers develop a profound appreciation for Bachata music.

Rhythm Sense

Rhythm forms the backbone of the Bachata Groove. Daniel and Tom delve into different rhythm patterns and how they can be interpreted through dance. They demonstrate how dancers can embody the rhythm, leading to a more connected and expressive dance.

Body Movement

Mastering the Bachata Groove involves more than just understanding the music and rhythm. It also requires the execution of fluid body movements that mirror the rhythm and musicality. Daniel and Tom share their expert techniques on how to achieve this, focusing on the use of body isolations, transitions, and weight changes.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you're a seasoned dancer wanting to refine your skills or a beginner aiming to understand the essence of Bachata, this masterclass is designed to cater to dancers of all levels. The teaching approach of Daniel and Tom allows each participant to progress at their own pace, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

In this Musicality Masterclass, you'll not only learn to dance but also to feel and understand the rhythm and soul of Bachata. Immerse yourself in the transformative journey of the Bachata Groove and experience Bachata like never before.




Bachata Acrobatics Master Class by Andrea and Silvia

Welcome to the Bachata Acrobatics Workshop, led by the eminent dance pair, Andrea and Silvia. This workshop centers around a thrilling concept called Bachata Acrobatics, a unique discipline devised by Andrea and Silvia themselves.

Understanding Bachata Acrobatics

Bachata Acrobatics is a pioneering approach that fuses traditional Bachata dance elements with impressive acrobatic moves. This fusion adds a visually stunning dimension to the dance, making it more engaging and spectacular.

What the Workshop Covers

The workshop aims to unlock each dancer's potential by teaching the principles of Bachata Acrobatics. The sessions are structured to enhance your understanding of Bachata, develop your acrobatic skills, and connect these elements seamlessly.

Understanding Bachata

In this segment, Andrea and Silvia delve into the traditional elements of Bachata dance. They illustrate the importance of basic steps, body movement, and partner connection, laying a solid foundation before introducing acrobatic elements.

Acrobatic Skills

Here, the focus shifts towards building acrobatic skills. Andrea and Silvia share techniques for performing various acrobatic moves, from basic lifts to more complex aerial maneuvers. They emphasize safety, strength, and flexibility, ensuring participants learn these skills in a controlled and secure environment.

Connecting Bachata and Acrobatics

Once participants have a grasp of the basic elements and acrobatic skills, Andrea and Silvia demonstrate how to integrate these components. They teach dancers how to seamlessly transition between traditional Bachata moves and acrobatic stunts, resulting in a mesmerizing dance performance.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you are an experienced dancer looking to add a new twist to your repertoire or a beginner eager to explore the exciting world of Bachata Acrobatics, this workshop caters to dancers of all levels. Andrea and Silvia's approach allows each participant to learn at their own pace, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience.

In this Acrobatics Workshop, you will not only learn to dance Bachata but also to incorporate thrilling acrobatic elements into your performance. Embark on this exciting journey of Bachata Acrobatics and take your Bachata dance skills to new heights.



Bachata Lady Styling Masterclass by Aiste Bachata

Welcome to the Bachata Lady Styling Masterclass, conducted by the internationally acclaimed dancer, Aiste Bachata. This masterclass specializes in the realm of Lady Styling, a unique focus in the world of Bachata. What makes this masterclass stand apart is the extraordinary opportunity for participants to perform live on stage at the concert with Chris Paradise.

Understanding Bachata Lady Styling

Bachata Lady Styling is an empowering discipline that focuses on the female perspective in Bachata. It enhances a dancer's expression and body movement, allowing a deeper connection with the music and a more personal and emotive dance experience.

What the Masterclass Covers

The masterclass is aimed at equipping each dancer with the tools of Lady Styling in Bachata. The lessons are tailored to improve your dance interpretation, boost your confidence, and refine your performance skills.

Dance Interpretation

In this part, Aiste delves into the artistic interpretation of Bachata, focusing on how dancers can effectively express the music's nuances. She guides participants through various techniques that help amplify their body movements, bringing their interpretation of the music to life.

Confidence Boosting

Here, the emphasis is on empowering each dancer. Aiste shares her insights on how to dance with confidence and freedom, encouraging participants to own their movements and express their individuality on the dance floor.

Performance Skills

The pinnacle of this masterclass is the unique opportunity for dancers to perform live on stage alongside Chris Paradise. Aiste guides participants on how to handle a live performance, sharing techniques on stage presence, crowd interaction, and handling nerves.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you are a seasoned dancer looking to sharpen your Lady Styling skills or a beginner seeking to explore the enchanting world of Bachata, this masterclass caters to dancers of all levels. Aiste's approach ensures each participant evolves at their own pace, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized learning experience.

In this Lady Styling Masterclass, you won't just learn to dance Bachata but also to express your unique style with confidence and flair. Immerse yourself in the enthralling world of Lady Styling, and get ready to shine on stage at the concert with Chris Paradise.




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