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When we Dance our souls smile

Meet the dreamers bringing life and rhythm to Munich Bachata Fest 2023.

Where Dreams Meet Rhythm: The Pulse of Our Festival

At the heart of Munich's Bachata scene lies a dream - a vision to host the most illustrious Bachata event Germany has ever witnessed. Our ambition is grand, yet rooted deeply in our individual passions, experiences, and expertise. With diverse backgrounds spanning from entrepreneurship to real estate, and from private equity to event management, we harness our unique strengths to curate an unparalleled Bachata experience.

For us, it's not just about the dance; it's about the intricate tapestry of emotions, culture, and connections that Bachata evokes. Every step, every beat, every moment is meticulously planned to ensure that our festival resonates with the very soul of Bachata. Through dedication, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we aim to not only fulfill our dream but also to etch an indelible mark on Germany's dance map. Dive deeper to discover our mission, vision, and the incredible team that makes it all possible. Welcome to our Bachata journey.

Our Vision:

In the heart of Munich, within the walls of our exclusive venue, we envision a gathering that transcends the ordinary. The Munich Bachata Fest aspires to set a gold standard, uniting Bachata enthusiasts from all over, offering them a space of elegance, unity, and endless expression.

Meet the Team

Our Mission:

Within the luxurious ambiance of our five-star venue, our mission is to craft unparalleled moments of connection and joy. Drawing upon our combined expertise, we aim to deliver a premium Bachata experience, merging passion, rhythm, and community into a harmonious celebration.


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Carina Thoma

Project Management Lead

With an extensive and dynamic background in event management, Carina stands out as a maestro in orchestrating grand-scale events. Having worked with premier brands like Lacoste, Tiffany's, Burberry, and Vogue, she has demonstrated her impeccable ability to curate and manage experiences that leave a lasting impression. Her expertise isn't just limited to her association with high-profile brands; she's successfully created extraordinary moments for expansive audiences, sometimes numbering up to 20,000 attendees. This wealth of experience and her keen attention to detail ensure she remains the backbone of our operations, bringing every envisioned concept to life with precision and flair.

Lara Gundelach

Marketing & Public Relations

Trained as an architect, Lara masterfully merges structural integrity with captivating aesthetics. Beyond her architectural prowess, her vast experience in real estate project management sets her apart as a multifaceted professional. Taking charge of our festival's brand identity, she crafts our marketing strategies and designs each touchpoint our patrons engage with. Lara doesn't just contribute to the visual elements; she encapsulates the spirit and ambiance of our festival, ensuring every interaction is memorable and resonates with our core values.

Obaid Rahimi

Strategy & Business Development

With an illustrious background in Start-Ups and Private Equity, Obaid stands as the keystone of our strategic and business development initiatives. His razor-sharp analytical acumen guarantees that our projects aren’t merely theoretical successes; they flourish in tangible settings. Diving deeper than the spreadsheets and projections, Obaid also steers the IT and infrastructure of our festival, fortifying that our tech framework complements our ambitious business blueprints. His approach ensures that we are not just current but primed for the future, merging strategy with state-of-the-art technology.

Chief Cuddling Officer

Amid the rhythm and revelry of our Bachata events, there emerges a delightful, furry melody - Lilly, our esteemed Chief Cuddling Officer. With every wag and playful bark, she infuses our days with joy, reminding us of the importance of love and levity. Always there with a reassuring nuzzle during a stressful brainstorm or offering comedic relief with her antics, Lilly ensures our team feels cherished and uplifted. Attending one of our meetings? Expect a jubilant welcome from the heart and soul of our organization, where every beat resonates with passion, and every wag sings of unwavering love.

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