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🌟 Join the Heartbeat of Our Festival! 🌟

Ever wanted to be a part of something bigger than just attending? Dive deep into the essence of our festival by becoming a volunteer! Not only will you be at the core of all the action, but you'll also be a key player in creating unforgettable memories for all our attendees. 🎉

By stepping into this role, you're not just giving time; you're gaining a unique experience, making new friends, and embracing the bachata spirit from behind the scenes. And as a token of our immense gratitude, you'll receive a Golden Full Pass, exclusive merchandise, and a lavish goodie bag! 🛍️💃

Let's unite, dance, and create magic together! Ready to join the team? Register now and let's make this festival legendary! 🌟🎶

Volunteer Roles

  • Registration Counter: As a Registration Counter volunteer, your primary tasks include scanning tickets, providing the corresponding wristbands, distributing vouchers, and handing out Goodie Bags. You'll be the first friendly face attendees encounter, ensuring a smooth and welcoming start to their festival experience.


  • Chip/Voucher Counter: At the Chip/Voucher Counter, you'll handle the sale of Drink Chips throughout the day and Food Vouchers specifically designated for lunch. Your role is pivotal in keeping our festival-goers refreshed and nourished, contributing to the overall positive experience.


  • Cloak Room: As a Cloak Room volunteer, you'll play a crucial role in providing a secure and efficient wardrobe service for our guests. Your tasks include selling wardrobe tickets, maintaining an organized cloakroom area, and handling jackets with care. This ensures a smooth experience for attendees and contributes to the overall success of the festival. Thank you for your dedication!


  • Lunch Check-in: As part of the Lunch Check-in team, you'll manage voucher control and tear them up at the entrance of the lunch area. Ensuring a systematic entry process, your role helps maintain order and efficiency during the lunchtime rush.


  • Ticket Control: For Ticket Control, your responsibility is to verify wristbands at the dance areas. By upholding strict wristband control, you contribute to a secure and enjoyable environment for all attendees, enhancing the festival experience.


  • Airport Shuttle: As part of the Airport Shuttle team, you'll be involved in the pickup of our esteemed artists and DJs. Your role ensures their smooth transition to the festival venue, contributing to the overall success of our event by facilitating the arrival of key contributors. Therefore you will receive a list with the guests that need to be picked-up including their flight number. Please always double check the status of their flights. You pick them up inside with a Bachata-Fest sign and bring them to our festival location.

Munich Bachata Fest 2023 Volunteer Program

Volunteer Reward Tiers

Commit 12 Hours During the Festival

  • Receive a Golden Pass, a Munich Bachata Fest t-shirt or top.


Commit 9 Hours During the Festival

  • Recieve a Full Pass


Commit 6 Hours During the Festival

  • Recieve a Party Pass



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