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Lunch Voucher

Good news for our festival-goers! We're excited to offer you the convenience of pre-purchasing 5-star lunch vouchers for your festival experience on saturday and sunday. Enjoy delicious meals without the hassle of carrying cash or waiting in long lines!

How it Works:

  • Purchase Your Vouchers: Buy your 5-star lunch vouchers for only 12 € for each day (Saturday and Sunday) in advance through our online platform. At the festival the lunch costs 15 €.
  • Receive Your Vouchers: During the festival registration process, you'll receive your purchased lunch vouchers.
  • Enjoy Your Meals: Simply present your voucher at the designated lunch area to savor a delightful, hassle-free meal. For each day you need one voucher!


Why Get a Lunch Voucher?

  • Convenience: Streamline your festival experience; no need to worry about cash or card payments during meal times.
  • Efficiency: Save time with a quicker, dedicated service line for voucher holders.
  • Variety: Choose from a range of tasty, nutritious meal options to keep your energy up throughout the festival.


We've carefully selected a variety of meal options to cater to different tastes and dietary needs. Ensure your lunch times are as enjoyable as the rest of the festival - secure your lunch voucher now!

🛒 Act Fast! Limited vouchers available. Get yours today and make your festival experience more enjoyable and convenient.


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